Pet News: Concierge Pet Care Offered by EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center

Concierge Service Has Spread to Pet Health Care

pet concierge service miami It’s hard enough with our overbooked schedules to fit in personal medical exams and checkups, but what about for your pets? Pets require the same type of routine exams in addition to one-off medical attention.  First you need to remember when it’s time for Fido’s appointment.  Then you need to schedule an appointment for a day when it can “kind-of” fit into your already crammed scheduled.  Then, you have to wait to be seen by your veterinarian. According to a recent study, the #1 reason that pet owners postpone or cancel veterinary exams is due to their own scheduling and time constraints. And a top 3 reason for pet owners delaying a visit to the vet is the inconvenience of clinic hours. Recently one South Florida veterinarian has come up with a convenient solution for getting pets in for their important veterinary appointments that won’t disrupt your schedule or even require you to leave your seat.

Dr. Barry Goldberg, owner of EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center in Pinecrest (Miami) FL has been a veterinarian and successful entrepreneur for over 40 years.  He knows that the key to success is giving your customers what they want and he says topping the list is convenience.  Having enjoyed the convenience of concierge medical services personally, Dr. Goldberg decided why not apply the same concept for our beloved four-legged family members too!  Concierge medical service, once regarded as only for the rich and famous, is now considered a necessity for busy working professionals and families.

What is pet concierge service?

EZ Vet Pet Health Care Center offers a concierge service package that includes convenient features such as pet pick-up and drop-off to and from the EZ Vet Clinic, pet food and medication delivery and a personal after-hours veterinary hotline amongst other wellness and premiere pet services.  “We don’t want clients to view their pet’s health care and veterinary exams as an inconvenience, but as a vital, and now easy way, to keep their pets healthy and happy for a very long time,” states Dr. Barry Goldberg.

EZ Vet’s pet concierge service is designed to not only be convenient, but cost effective too. For a fixed monthly fee the pet owner can receive the complete door-to door services with unlimited vet exams, and save approximately 50% off of the cost compared to individual veterinary services.  The monthly fees are based on the type and age of the pet.  The EZ Vet pet concierge program includes unlimited vet exams, home pick-up or drop-off  for pets and medication/food deliveries, unlimited nail trims (pedicure), unlimited deworming treatments, unlimited intestinal parasite check, required vaccines, heartworm test, Feline leukemia and FIV test, unlimited anal gland expression, unlimited interstate health certificates, dental cleanings, lab work including complete blood cell count and internal organ function screen and urinalysis, and a personal veterinary hotline for any after-hours pet concerns.

EZ Vet’s concierge pet services offer convenience for pet owners and strive to make pet care easy.

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Our goal is to help pets live long, happy and healthy lives. We believe that a key element to a healthy pet is preventative medical care and early detection of illnesses through routine physicals. We believe that everyone should have access to quality veterinary care for their pets. EZ Vet Clinic Kiosks deliver just that using only Board-Certified Veterinarians, offering several convenient locations and utilizing cutting edge technology.
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