EZ Vet Station “Mini-Clinics” Provide Convenient And Affordable Pet Care

ez vet stationThe demand for retail-style healthcare has EZ Vet Station thinking “inside the box”. The current focus on innovative solutions and concepts to deliver affordable, convenient and quality medical care has never been greater, and that extends to the pet care industry as well.  Answering this growing demand is EZ Vet Station, LLC which has opened another location for their “mini-clinic” style veterinary pet care stations.  Their newest location inside the Pet Supplies Plus store in Clearwater, Florida offers evening and weekend hours and walk-in appointments. The emergence of “retail healthcare”, offering medical care services inside a retail environment, is a concept that is quickly expanding in the human health care arena.  EZ Vet plans to extend this convenient and affordable health care model into the pet industry.

EZ Vet Pet Care Stations are non- emergency compact “kiosk-style” veterinary clinics staffed with licensed Veterinarians and vet assistants that can diagnose and treat a wide variety of pet medical conditions related to teeth, ears, skin, eyes, weight, digestion, diet and parasites, in addition to offering routine services such as vaccines and microchipping. EZ Vet Stations offer a wide range of diagnostic and preventive pet care services designed to keep pets healthy.  Consistent with the “mini-clinic” concept they do not offer surgery or emergency care.  The EZ Vet Station in Clearwater is the second station in Florida, the first located in the Pet Supplies Plus store in Pinellas Park, Florida.

A recent survey indicates a real need for more convenient and affordable pet health care. 57% of those surveyed expressed they postponed pet care due to the high cost of care, and 60% surveyed indicated they wait anywhere from 3 days to more than 4 weeks for a veterinary appointment.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) emphasizes that a key element to a healthy pet is preventative medical care and early detection of illnesses through routine examinations with a veterinarian.  The EZ Vet Station provides an innovative solution to delivering quality routine pet exams, preventive pet care, valuable diagnostic services, and beneficial pet prescriptions, products and services- all in the convenience of a local pet store.  Veterinarian and founder of EZ Vet Station, LLC, Barry Goldberg, DVM, stated,” I believe that this will increase access to affordable and quality healthcare for thousands of pets in the local community. Helping pets live longer and healthier lives is what it’s all about.”

EZ Vet Station’s tag line is Save time! Save Money!  They support this motto by offering affordable vaccinations, examinations and diagnostic fees inside the neighborhood pet store.  They offer Wellness packages that include annual pet vaccinations, heart worm test, intestinal parasite test and preventive (round/hook worm) at reduced prices.  Save time with walk-in visits and online appointment scheduling options.  EZ Vet Station’s successful launch has clients begging for more prompting a recent announcement of plans to expand into other communities across the nation.




Our goal is to help pets live long, happy and healthy lives. We believe that a key element to a healthy pet is preventative medical care and early detection of illnesses through routine physicals. We believe that everyone should have access to quality veterinary care for their pets. EZ Vet Clinic Kiosks deliver just that using only Board-Certified Veterinarians, offering several convenient locations and utilizing cutting edge technology.