Do you know your dog breeds? Akita

Do you know your dog breeds? Akita

Featured Breed- Akita

Large, powerful and alert,  the Akita is a working breed that originated in Japan.  Dignified and courageous, the Akita  today is popular in the show ring and also participates in performance and  therapy work. The breed’s thick double coat can be any color including white,  brindle or pinto. An Akita trademark is the plush tail that curls over his  back.

Healthy Weight for Akita Breed:

Adult (7 months- 8 years):    Male:   85-130 lbs             Female: 65-110  lbs

Puppy (1-6 months):              Male:   63.75-97.5 lbs       Female: 48.75-82.5 lbs

Geriatric (over 8 years):        Male: 89.25-136.5 lbs       Female: 68.25-115.5 lbs

Visit an EZ Vet kiosk regularly to monitor your pet’s weight and health.

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