Do you know your dog breeds? Afghan Hound

Do you know your dog breeds? Afghan Hound

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Featured Pet Breed- Afghan Hound

Referred to as an  aristocrat, the Afghan Hound’s appearance is one of dignity and aloofness. Well covered with thick, silky hair, very  fine in texture, the Afghan hound’s coat is a sort found among animals native  to high altitudes. They can come in all  colors, and while the breed is an excellent hound (hunting by sight) its popularity  here has been generated by the breeds’ spectacular qualities as a show dog.

Healthy Weight for Afghan Hounds:

Adult (7 months- 8 years):      Male: 60-64 lbs.         Female: 50-55 lbs.

Puppy (1-6 months):                Male: 45-48 lbs           Female: 37.5- 41.25 lbs.

Geriatric (over 8 years):          Male:  63-67.2 lbs.     Female: 52.5- 57.75 lbs.

Visit an EZ Vet kiosk regularly to monitor your pet’s weight and health.

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