What We Do To Make Pet Health Care EZ

     We provide house calls so that you and your pet don’t leave the safety and comfort of your home.  We bring our services to you.  Providing almost everything a traditional clinical setting does, including medications and prescription dog foods.  We’ll make your Vet visit EZ.

Vet Home Visits are Comforting

Vet House calls cause less stress

Most pets do not like car rides especially trips to a vet clinic, causing you and your pet undue stress and anxiety. EZ Vet comes to you, so that your pet can be examined and treated within his usual area. Creating a better experience for both you and your pet.

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Vet House Calls are Safer

Pets incur a small risk of being exposed to other un-diagnosed diseases every time they enter a vet clinic. In our current and on going situation of COVID-19, you, your pet, and our staff will remain protected as we follow all the standard CDC recommendations. Your pet will be examined in our mobile unit at your home, where your pet will be in their familiar surroundings, thus keeping your home safe and clean.

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